Research Projects approved by the Ethics Committee
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Guanis de Barros Vilela Junior
2013 - 2016

1) Development and validation of the software ALK (Advanced Limits of Kinect) for evaluation of motor skills and coordination for different populations through Kinect â„¢ for Windows.


Objectives: through the three dimensional reconstruction performed by Kinectâ„¢, ALK is capable to determine the locations of Centers of Mass (CM) at different body segments, besides different inertia moments (I) in several rotational axes.


Applicability: health area in general, such as orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports training and consequent quality of life promotion.
Schedule achieved: 75%

2) Development and validation of the software ACET, orthopedics specific, due to calculate the anteversion acetabular angle for total hip reconstruction surgeries.


Applicability: determining the anteversion angle during pre-operation period, maximizing the chances of a faster recovering for the patients and a better forces distribution at the hip joint.

Schedule achieved: 70%.

3) Development and validation of the software: Neuromotor Evaluation Program (PAN) for different manipulative tasks. This one will run on touch screen hardwares; multiplatform (iOS; Android; Windows).


Applicability: Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular pathologies, such as ataxies, Parkinson, dysmetria, among others.


Schedule achieved: 45%

4) Bioelectrophotography (Kirlian photo) validation to support the diagnosis of several pathologies, such as breast cancer, asthma, kidneys and liver diseases, among others.


Applicability: the Bioelectrophotography, even though it is recognized by the Russian Health Ministry as a diagnostic instrument for several diseases, faces certain resistance to its applicability on the Western world. Therefore, this project intends evaluating how applicable and reliable such technique really is.


Schedule achieved: 70%.

5) Development and validation of the software HERGOS for the evaluation of quality of life in corporate environment. Multiplatform (iOS, Android and Windows) into Portuguese, English and Chinese.


Applicability: this one embraces three module: 1st) physical health evaluation of staff; 2nd) health evaluation of organizational environments; 3rd) ergonomic evaluation of the corporate environment.


Schedule achieved: 80%

6) Development and validation of the software ORTHOQUALIS for evaluation in orthopedic clinic. Multiplatform (iOS, Android and Windows) into Portuguese, English and Chinese.


Applicability: post-surgery clinical follow-up and assessment of the quality of life in patients during recovery process.


Schedule Achieved: 55%

7) Development and validation of the software EQUILIBRIUM designed to measure forces applied to the human body in equilibrium conditions. Only for Windows.


Applicability: calculate the center of pressure (COP) in different balance tasks.



Schedule Achieved: 100%
Notes: - All of the projects are legally registered in English, Portuguese and Chinese speaking countries.